Assembly machine for water tightness devices





Applied technology


Camas Technology

Tavola rotante meccanica, Nastro pallet


Tight testing

Fully automatic machine for the assembly and testing of water tightness devices to be installed on rotary shafts. In this particular case, these seals are intended for the automotive industry. It is a single-product line and can only process parts featuring one size only.

The plant consists of two machines featuring a turntable with 16 sections with cam-operated pick&place units. The machines are linked to one another by a conveyor belt. Before being unloaded, the parts are to be tested 100% for the static and dynamic tightness by means of units made especially for this purpose. The tests are carried out on a satellite machine connected to the main line. This satellite machine comprises a belt with free pallets to test several parts at the same time.

Extra care was taken in ensuring the feed of the sintered components and the spring.

This machine represents the evolution of a partnership developed over the years between ourselves and our customer.