Since 1987 Camas has specialized in designing and manufacturing machines
for industrial automation and systems for in-line assembly and testing in particular.

Our service strives to deliver solutions tailored to meet the customer’s needs, covering a broad portfolio of sectors and specializations:

  • Special machines, fully or partially automated, with rotary tables or linear systems (transfer or free pallets) for assembly, inspection, and testing of serially produced pieces;
  • Modular systems for handling, assembly, and inspection with electromechanical rotary table, offering 4, 8, 12, 16, or 24 divisions, with pick & place units achieved using pneumatic or mechanical actuators (cams);
  • In-line handling, assembly, and testing systems with free or fixed pallets;
  • Pick & place units made using pneumatic or mechanical actuators (cams);
  • Automatic air tightness inspection and testing systems;
  • Automatic optical inspection and testing systems (with camera);
  • Electronic inspection and testing systems;
  • Continuous cycle machines for manufacturing caps: push-pull caps, sports caps, safety caps and non-refillable caps.

By working closely with the client when designing a system, we can thoroughly understand individual needs, analyzing various problems and finding the right solutions for construction and functional requirements.

The leading commodity sectors we handle are:

  • Taps and fittings manufacturing industry for water, gas, methane, and LPG;
  • Single-use consumer goods industry;
  • Automotive components industry (mechanical, electromechanical, electronic);
  • Domestic appliance components industry (thermostats, switches, resistors);
  • Food and cosmetics packaging industry.

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