Shearing is a cold process, and is the most common in the manufacture of large series of metal and other components. This operation can cut preset flat sections into blanks or bands. It is done using a press with a mold consisting of two parts: a die fastened to the fixed section of the press and an integral stamp with the ram.
The stamp penetrates the material and passes through it, removing a piece of material in the shape of the stamp. There must be very precise clearance between the die and the stamp. If it is too high it will cause the edges to flex and create excessive burrs; if it is too low it would create a little increase in the shearing strength but would also accelerate noticeably the wear of the tool and the die. First the stamp descends to contact the sheet, which initially bends and inflects, beginning to penetrate into the die. When the material shear failure limit is reached a fracture occurs and the material separates. Camas can integrate shearing systems into its assembly and testing lines.

At Camas, our technical expertise allows us to integrate shearing systems into our assembly and testing lines.