Ball valve rod assembly

Macchina montaggio aste




900 pieces/h

Applied technology

Vision system

This ball valve rod assembly can handle the assembly of dozens of different product codes.

Different product combinations can be made according to:

  • Rods with different geometries (height, diameter and oring position)
  • O-rings with different compounds, torus and diameters
  • Number of orings mounted on a single rod

Large numbers of combinations necessarily require rapid retooling systems to speed up the changeover from one product to another, replacing as few components as possible and zero adjustment.

The machine can work in two configurations:

  • 100% automatic, where the loading of the rods is carried out by vibrating feeding systems
  • with manual loading of the rods (orings fed automatically)
Automatic mode

In 100% automatic mode, the machine covers a high percentage of the article range, producing 80% of the total rod volume.

In this configuration the machine can work unmanned. This allows a single operator to manage several automations and related feeding systems in total autonomy.

Manual mode

Products with a smaller volume, or which would have had a large impact on the investment and complexity of the vibratory feeding system, are loaded manually by the operator.

Automation management

The ball valve rod assembly automation manages the unloading of parts in both modes. This allows the right oring to be checked before unloading.
This machine is also very easy to manage, maintain and has a reduced footprint with its total footprint of 4.5 square metres.

Camas has also produced the same type of automation, with the appropriate modifications, for the assembly of internal orings in valve bodies.