Robot system

Camas was one of the pioneer in using robot solutions into automation processes for assembly and testing.

After several years of experience, Camas is able to program the most important typologies and brands of robot existing on the market. This skill gives us the possibility to take the advantage of the huge amount of possibility that robots give up to realize robot guide vision systems.

The robot guide vision system is the solution for random bin picking.

It allows robotic manipulators, anthropomorphic robots, SCARA robots, or hexapod robots to pick randomly arranged objects through an advance vision system. The objects can be in a container, on a shelf, or passing by on a conveyor belt.

Use of the vision system delivers many benefits compared to conventional automatic systems. One of the most significant features is its extreme flexibility in managing different types of products with the same automation. By picking products directly from the container where they are stored, mechanical systems dedicated directly to each individual product type are unnecessary, optimizing the process in terms of SMED.

Camas developed this specific buffering and loading solution in response to customer requirements.