Storing systems or palletizer

The use of pallets for storing fragile components is becoming more frequent. Automated pallet storage systems (palletizers and depalletizers) are more and more common alongside machines.

Over the years, Camas has developed diverse palletizer systems. Each of these systems can be customized based on the final user, the pallet material and the destination of use.

The systems are organized into three main categories: gravity, motorized and vertical systems.

The gravity palletization system is one of Camas piece-pallet management systems. Blister movement and cluster is based on their weight. The system is basic, highly economical, and versatile. Not all piece and blister shapes are suitable to be used in this system, so Camas has also developed other blister-based systems for loading and unloading pieces.

The gravity palletizing machine is built of chutes with rollers inclined at varying angles to allow the pallets to slide and reach their position under the force of their weight alone. Since it saves space and time in handling, these systems can implemented for nearly any industrial sector.

The motorized palletization systems move pallets using a motorized belt system that controls the positions of the pallet. This system delivers full control over the pallet and avoids accidental collisions between the pallets, which can cause pieces to flip over. Any issues arising from a lack of rigidity in pallets, that are often disposable, are resolved by creating interstitial partitions to strengthen the behavior of the blister.

The vertical buffer palletization system can manage pallets in vertically organized buffers.
A special elevator loads and unloads pallets to trolleys containing materials of various types, size, and weights.
This system can store large amounts of materials per square meters occupied in the shop, since it capitalizes on vertical positioning by stacking the blisters. Camas developed this specific buffering solution to meet the needs of clients when space is at a premium and there are a large quantity of pieces to store. The systems manage self-supporting blisters as well as lightweight disposable blisters.