Applied technology

Vision system

Camas Technology

Rotary table, 3D vision system, robotic units

Main characteristics:
Two rotary tables with 24 stations each.

The machine processes both the right and left pieces. The two couplers can be produced simultaneously or on only a selected side.

Multi-model line (8 types). Piece discharge in bag packaging system.

Line composed of a pair of rotary tables with 24 dividers for complete assembly of the headrest coupler. The line simultaneously produces the right and left couplers, therefore the pair is produced within the line cycle time of 3 seconds.

The machine is fitted with dual stations and the main handling tasks are carried out by pneumatic actuators.

In light of the various model types (length, number and type of components), to reduce the re-equipping time to a minimum, some of the table stations are dedicated to single models and do not require re-equipping. In light of the complexity of the some of the positions of the components, the line has an integrated robotic loading system.